Player DVD for Windows 10


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  • Publisher:  Denita Global
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  • Age rating:  3+
  • Processors:  x86, x64, ARM
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Player DVD is the best solution to play files in MKV, VOB, FLV, MP4, WAV, MOV, M4V and other popular audio/video formats.

Player DVD was created with all the features to provide a really comfortable use. The app allows you to watch video with subtitles, choose audio track for video, adjust EQ, create playlists and also supports all new Windows 10 features like Windows Hello, Cortana and Ink.
Discover a new perfect way to watch movies and listening to music with Player DVD.

Due to limitations related to playback files from license DVDs for Windows Store Apps, please do the following simple test to know in advance whether it will be possible to play the files from your disc through the app.
Temporarily copy the file (about 1 GB file size) from the disc to a local folder on your device. If you can do this without getting an error, problems with playing the disc via Player DVD will not be. If the error is – you can not play files on this DVD.